Asbestos Information

We provide skip bins for Asbestos only in all sizes. Prices are available on request. Asbestos and fibro which must be wrapped in plastic and disposed of separately.

Please note:

Asbestos means any product that contains asbestos - Deliberate concealment of hazardous waste in our skip bins is illegal & sever penalties apply by law.


If you are unsure – please ask, we are here to help you.


Any asbestos found in our bins will result in additional charges.

Asbestos Identification

Use the below steps in considering whether the product contains asbestos:

Age - If you believe the product was manufactured prior to 1990 then you should consider the product as containing asbestos. If your suburb was generally constructed prior to this time then you should also consider the product as "containing asbestos".

Marking - Look at the product for identification markings that state "Does not contain asbestos" if it has been marked as such the fibre cement product is safe to dispose of in our skip bins. If there is no markings then the product should be treated as containing asbestos.

Colour - Whilst not definitive, asbestos products tend to be darker in colour (grey) where as cement fibre products that are asbestos free are almost white in colour.

Fibres – If the material your are wanting to dispose of is broken you will be able to observe small asbestos fibres protruding along the broken edge. Cement fibre product will not have fibres. (Please do not break the product to see if it contains fibres as they may be released in to the atmosphere)

Edge – Asbestos edges when broken are generally clean like a piece of broken glass. Cement fibre products will give an appearance on the broken edge similar to a piece of torn cardboard

Fencing - if the sheet has 7 curves, it is asbestos, if it has 5 curves it is cement fibre


Products that Contain Asbestos


Suspended roof tiles / panels
Roofing felt
Asphalt shingles
Vinyl tiles & some vinyl flooring
Carpet underlay
Wall cladding (commonly known as FIBRO)
Eave lining
Roofing & ridge capping

Guttering & down water pipes
Fencing & fence capping
Sprayed on insulation & acoustic materials
Heating & air conditioning ducting
Laboratory products
Heat shielding products
Brake shoes & pads


Asbestos Guidelines


Line the skip bin with the 200micron plastic sheeting provided by Phillips Skip Bins

All asbestos must be thoroughly wet

Load the material into the skip bin

Fold the plastic sheeting over the asbestos and secure it with the heavy duty duct tape provided


Please ensure that the plastic is securely sealed to stop the waste being airborne during transport


Please follow all instructions provided above, otherwise skip bins will not be collected and excess charges may occur.